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News Blog: September 2013

Posted: 26 September 2013

US and Italian scientists have used NIR spectroscopy to detect a nasty surprise hidden inside some chestnuts.

Tagged: agriculture
Posted: 13 September 2013

By casting its critical eye over valuable, old paintings, including some by Salvador Dalí, NIR spectroscopy can help determine which will stand the test of time.

Tagged: art
Posted: 13 September 2013

LT Industries has introduced an analyser designed to improve quality control and production in dairy processing.

Tagged: Dairy, Milk
Posted: 12 September 2013

A new coating, derived from a protein in squid skin, and active within the NIR region has potential to hide material from infrared imaging cameras.

Posted: 6 September 2013

The phenolic composition of grape seeds can predict the taste of any subsequent wine, but can NIR spectroscopy predict the phenolic composition of grape seeds?

Tagged: food
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