News Blog: May 2013

Posted: 31 May 2013

Japanese researchers have shown that NIR spectroscopy can detect impaired brain activity in autistic children trying to infer the mental states of others.

Tagged: medical
Posted: 28 May 2013

Canadian chemical engineers have developed statistical models that continuously update themselves based on the latest NIR spectral data.

Tagged: industrial
Posted: 26 May 2013

A pilot study using NIR spectroscopy to monitor brain activity shows that driving while talking on a hands-free cellular device leads to more driving errors than driving alone.

Tagged: medical
Posted: 23 May 2013

NIR spectroscopy can classify cheese according to the diet of the cows that supplied the milk, say French scientists.

Tagged: food
Posted: 16 May 2013

NIR spectroscopy can offer an effective way to determine whether or not microbial growth media has gone past its 'best before' date.

Tagged: pharmaceutical
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