NIR Spectroscopy

Can NIR play a role in detecting horsemeat adulteration of minced beef?

While DNA testing is the obvious analytical strategy to follow for minor contamination detection in food products, these tests are expensive and slow, so does NIR have any role to play in addressing this problem?

Metrohm to sell Foss instruments outside food/ag

Metrohm and Foss have entered into a strategic alliance in which Metrohm will become the sole global distributor of Foss NIR instruments for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and environmental sectors.

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New liquid cell for Perten DA 7250

NIR analysis of liquids—vegetable oils, juices, liquid grease—is easier with the new Transflectance Cup.

New hierarchical modelling software

New software is available from Camo for modeling of non-linear data, allowing Classification and Prediction models to be joined using multi-level modeling.

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Rather partial to a Spanish white

Spanish analytical chemists have shown that NIR spectroscopy can help distinguish between wines made in different zones of a single wine-producing region.

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NIR spectroscopy says it's freezing

By utilising multipoint NIR spectroscopy, Finnish scientists have been able to monitor the preservation process known as freeze-drying in more detail than ever before.

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