NIR Spectroscopy

NIR in counter terrorism

A recent publication shows the potential of NIR for use in liquid screening at airports.

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Hyperspectral sensors for the food industry

Headwall Photonics is collaborating with QualySense over a grain, seed and bean sorting system using Headwall’s Hyperspec Extended VNIR sensors, which operate in the spectral range of 550–1650 nm.

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NIR vision helps fish hunt and mate

Biologists from the University of Bonn, Germany, have discovered that a cichlid fish can see in the NIR and uses this to hunt and possibly mate.

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Perten releases third generation diode array based NIR

Perten’s new NIR instrument incorporates non-moving optical components, internal temperature stabilisation and a static hard drive encased in an IP65 rated (dust proof/water resistant) housing.

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Hand-held NIR for cyanide in soil

Hand-held NIR spectroscopy proves useful for the detection of “hot spots” of cyanide contamination in soil.

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Newborn babies remember vowels better than consonants

NewbornEven newborn babies just a few days old can remember words, although they're better at remembering the vowels in those words than the consonants, say Italian scientists.


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