NIR Spectroscopy

The seed of wine

The phenolic composition of grape seeds can predict the taste of any subsequent wine, but can NIR spectroscopy predict the phenolic composition of grape seeds?

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Italian-style egg pasta analysis

Italian chemists have used NIR spectroscopy to make sure that their egg pasta does definitely contain eggs.

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Environmental problems for distinguishing GM seed

US scientists investigate whether NIR spectroscopy can detect contamination of conventional crop seed by genetically-modified varieties.

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Venue for NIR-2017

NIR-2017 will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, following the vote by ICNIRS members at NIR-2013.

NIR spectroscopy could help to diagnose autism

Japanese researchers have shown that NIR spectroscopy can detect impaired brain activity in autistic children trying to infer the mental states of others.

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Updating to the latest model

Canadian chemical engineers have developed statistical models that continuously update themselves based on the latest NIR spectral data.

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