NIR Spectroscopy

Krypton light source for Vis-NIR applications

The ecoVis is a compact, economical light source with response from 400 nm to 2500 nm.

NIR enters winter wonderland

With winter coming to the northern hemisphere and snow likely to fall over the next few months, US scientists have unveiled a new portable NIR spectroscopy instrument for measuring the size of snow grains in snow drifts.

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NIR helps investigate the green, green grass

Remote sensing in the NIR is being used to investigate the growth of grass in Ireland, a crop that less is known about than many others.

Best foot forward for wound healing

US scientists have shown that diffuse NIR spectroscopy offers a speedy and accurate way to determine whether or not diabetic foot ulcers are healing.

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Foss releases new version of Vision

Foss NIRSystems has introduced Vision 3.60 with support for the latest NIR laboratory and process hardware.

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NIR can sort new black CPET in mixed plastic

Færch Plast, has developed a new black crystalline polyethylene (CPET) packaging material that makes it possible for recyclers to sort black CPET in the mixed plastic waste stream using NIR technology.

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