NIR Spectroscopy

Skin-deep diagnosis

Using a combination of NIR spectroscopy and skin impedance spectroscopy, Swedish scientists have potentially come up with a quick, non-invasive technique for identifying the skin cancer known as melanoma.

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New super continuum laser source for NIR

A collaboration between Danish universities and technology companies, namely Aarhus University iNANO/chemistry, Copenhagen University, DTU Photonic, Foss Analytical and NKT Photonics A/S, is working on a project to look at how a new, much brighter form of infrared light can be used for routine analysis in food and feed production.

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Wheat from where?

NIR spectroscopy can offer a quick and easy way to determine where wheat was grown, say Chinese scientists.

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Biofuel for thought

French scientists have used NIR spectroscopy to monitor the transesterification reactions that produce biodiesel in a microreactor.

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NIR sees water and organics on Mercury

Despite being the closest planet to the Sun, water ice and organic material may well exist on the surface of Mercury.

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NIR helping giant panda conservation

The use of NIR spectroscopy to detect when a female giant panda is in oestrus and so help captive breeding is reported in a new publication.


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