NIR Spectroscopy

NIR device to detect urinary tract infections

A wireless NIR device is being used to diagnose urinary tract infections in vulnerable patients.

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NREL turns to NIR spectroscopy for biomass analysis

The US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) may soon need to add NIR spectroscopy to its approved list of analytical procedures for determining the composition of plant biomass.

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NIR and the Protection of Living Fossils

The Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianus) is the world's largest amphibian (1.8 m in length and up to 40 kg). Due to its popularity both as a culinary delicacy and an ingredient in traditional medicine, it has been over-exploited and is now listed as Critically Endangered in the wild.

Preserved mosquitoes create a buzz for NIR spectroscopy

NIR spectroscopy is proving to be quite handy at identifying species of mosquito that transmit malaria, even after the mosquitoes have been frozen or dried and then stored for almost a year.

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NIR assures the quality of your chocolate

Researchers in the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of the Università degli Studi di Milano, collaborating with Carle & Montinari-OPM, describe the development and evaluation of an in-line NIR system for monitoring the tempering process in chocolate manufacture.

JNIRS Special Issue on NIR Spectroscopy of Soil

You are invited to contribute to a Special Issue of JNIRS—Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy on NIR Spectroscopy of Soil, in celebration of the International Year of Soils.


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