NIR Spectroscopy

Imaging conferences

There are two conferences looking at hyperspectral imaging in Europe this summer. The first, CHII (Conference on Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry) 2016 is being held in Graz, Austria, on 15 and 16 June. A suggested by its name, the conference is focussed on hyperspectral developments for industrial applications. It aims to bring together the main stakeholders in the field of hyperspectral imaging, to exchange knowledge and to plan for future collaboration projects.

Telling green from blue with NIR spectroscopy

Japanese researchers have used NIR spectroscopy to investigate whether the ability to classify colours into distinct categories, such as green and blue, is innate or a function of language.

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Sounds like NIR spectroscopy

Korean researchers have used functional NIR spectroscopy to investigate how the brain’s auditory cortex responds to various different sounds, from English speech to rain.

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Non-invasive measurement of blood glucose by infrared, but it is far-infrared

A group of researchers from Tohoku University’s Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering has developed a method of measuring blood glucose using far infrared light.

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Call for ICNIRS and CNIRS Award Nominations

Award nominations are invited for the Tomas Hirschfeld Award, Gerald S. Birth Award and IDRC Travel Fellowships.

Nothing like a ripe avocado

Agricultural scientists from South Africa have shown that NIR spectroscopy can accurately determine some of the characteristics used to tell the ripeness of avocados, but not all.

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