NIR Spectroscopy

Getting to the heart of the matter

By combining NIR spectroscopy with a catheter that can be inserted into the heart, US scientists have come up with a way to determine the effectiveness of a treatment for atrial fibrillation.

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Data processing without the bruises

Italian scientists have used their new method for reducing the size of the data produced by NIR hyperspectral imaging to identify bruised apples.

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Following phosphorus maps over fields

Two British soil scientists have shown that vis-NIR spectroscopy can help farmers determine how much phosphorus they should apply to their fields.

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When oranges go bad

Spanish researchers have shown that NIR spectroscopy can help find mouldy oranges.

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We feel your pain

Functional NIR spectroscopy offers an objective way to detect when someone is experiencing physical pain, says US medical researchers.

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Near infrared hyperspectral imaging detects peanut contamination

Study the label of almost any food product and you’re likely to see the rather vague warning “May contain peanuts” somewhere on there, unless of course it’s a product that definitely does contain peanuts. As now revealed in a paper in the latest issue of JNIRS—Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy, these warnings of peanut contamination could soon lose much of their uncertainty, thanks to NIR hyperspectral imaging.


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