NIR Spectroscopy

5th Analitica Latin American Congress

Chemometric Spectroscopy: Basics and Multivariate Analysis for Quantitative and Qualitative Applications

The training course is designed as an introduction to multivariate calibration and classification, but also helps you to refresh your existing knowledge in the field of chemometric spectroscopy in a systematic approach. The complete workflow, from collecting spectroscopic data to the application of methods in routine work, is covered in theory and applied in practical exercises by using SL products.

10th International Conference on Clinical Vibrational Spectroscopy (SPEC-2018)

SPEC2018 will bring together clinicians and scientists, both industrial and academic, developing novel clinical spectroscopic instrumentation and techniques to improve world health and patient outcome.

Japan Analytical Scientific Instrument Show (JASIS) 2017

International Conference on Enhanced Spectroscopies (ICES) 2017

2017 International Conference on Agricultural and Food Science


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