NIR Spectroscopy

NIR scanner shows potential for real-time 3D breast cancer screening

A hand-held optical scanner using near infrared light has the potential to offer breast cancer imaging in real time.

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Wake up and smell the coffee

German researchers have used NIR spectroscopy to investigate whether that early morning cup of coffee can make you think more clearly.

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What earthworm would live in a burrow like this?

A European team of scientists has tried using NIR spectroscopy to determine the species of earthworm responsible for producing specific burrows in soil.

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Reflecting on modern painting

Italian scientists have identified the most reliable near- and mid-IR wavelengths for identifying five paint binders commonly used in modern artistic painting.

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Finding the sweet spot for blood glucose monitoring

Using various different samples and statistical techniques, Belgian scientists have tried to pinpoint the best wavelengths for monitoring blood glucose levels with NIR spectroscopy.

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Finding bugs in the drugs

NIR spectroscopy makes an effective and convenient technique for identifying bacterial contamination of aqueous pharmaceutical preparations such as a cough syrup, say Portuguese researchers.

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