NIR Spectroscopy

NIR gets its hands dirty

A team of Canadian soil scientists has shown that NIR spectroscopy offers a quick and easy way to determine several soil properties, including how strongly it binds the powerful, manure-derived steroid 17β-estradiol.

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NIR shows its muscle

NIR spectroscopy is an effective way to determine muscle mass in the elderly, say Japanese medical researchers.

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Specim AisaFENIX

Specim, Spectral Imaging, Ltd, has released AisaFENIX, a robust and compact spectral imager for field and airborne installations.

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Fiji to use NIR to determine payment to farmers

The Fiji Sugar Corporation is to buy a NIR analyser to test all incoming sugar and pay farmers on the basis of its quality.

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Olive millers using NIR to gain more from 2012 harvest

When the olive harvest in Spain and Portugal gets underway this November some forward-looking oil producers will have a NIR new tool to help them get the best from their olive presses.

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Korea invests in NIR for rice labelling control

The Korean National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service has purchased 49 units of the Foss Infratec 1241 near infrared grain analyser for rice labelling control.

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