NIR Spectroscopy

Heavy metals with a twist

Chinese researchers have shown that visible and NIR spectroscopy can detect low concentrations of heavy metals in agricultural soil, but only thanks to organic matter.

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It’s a gas

Brazilian chemists have shown that NIR spectroscopy can determine whether natural gas contains high or low concentrations of methane.

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Don’t forget your broccoli this Christmas

Everyone knows that green vegetables such as broccoli are healthy, but now Irish and Spanish food scientists have used NIR spectroscopy to identify which bits are the healthiest.

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Model relationships can still be non-linear

Researchers from Denmark have assessed a whole suite of advanced statistical techniques to determine which is best at producing calibration models from non-linear NIR data.

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Sweet sensor for sugar

German and Austrian medical researchers have developed a portable NIR spectroscopy device for monitoring glucose concentrations in the blood of diabetics.

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Fat test for algae

Two US scientists have shown that NIR spectroscopy can accurately determine the concentration of fat, proteins and carbohydrates in just 10mg of algae.

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