NIR Spectroscopy

Risky business

Swiss researchers have used NIR spectroscopy to monitor risk taking in financial decisions.

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NIR spectroscopy can ensure the safety and purity of dairy products

JNIRS—Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy has published a Special Issue on Milk and Milk Products, guest edited by Tiziana Cattaneo and Steve Holroyd, containing papers reporting new developments and uses of NIR spectroscopy as a valuable tool along the full dairy chain.

Coffee just the way you like it

The discovery that NIR spectroscopy can accurately determine the caffeine concentration of individual coffee beans could transform the entire coffee market.

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Copper-bottomed deficiency detection

Danish scientists have shown that NIR spectroscopy can catch copper deficiency in plants early enough for successful treatment.

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Roasting chestnuts, not insects

US and Italian scientists have used NIR spectroscopy to detect a nasty surprise hidden inside some chestnuts.

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Winners of IM Publications NIR Poster Prize

Professors Takuma Genkawa and Naoto Kakuta are the winners of the IM Publications NIR Poster Prize at ICAVS-7, held in Kobe, Japan, at the end of August 2013.


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