Publically available NIR-SWIR spectral libraries of hydrocarbons

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We’ve been looking for some publically available NIR-SWIR digital spectral libraries of hydrocarbons without success.  Do such things exist, or are they all commercialized?

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Jeff Olsenholler

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Dear Jeff,

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A. Bonanno and Peter Griffiths published a paper "Short-wave near infrared spectra of  organic liquids" in the very first issue of JNIRS [1(1), 13-23 (1993)]. At the time they indicate that data was availble - but that is 21 years ago!  Jerry Workman JR published three volumes of "Handbook of organic compunds" in 2001. It contains SW-NIR spectra of some hydrocarbons. I do not think that any digital data was available. Otherwise I think you are correct about commercialisation; if you buy the software you get some free spectra.

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