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  • NIR spectroscopy can ensure the safety and purity of dairy products

    JNIRS—Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy has published a Special Issue on Milk and Milk Products, guest edited by Tiziana Cattaneo and Steve Holroyd, containing papers reporting new developments and uses of NIR spectroscopy as a valuable tool along the full dairy chain.

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  • Winners of IM Publications NIR Poster Prize

    Professors Takuma Genkawa and Naoto Kakuta are the winners of the IM Publications NIR Poster Prize at ICAVS-7, held in Kobe, Japan, at the end of August 2013.

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  • Venue for NIR-2017

    NIR-2017 will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, following the vote by ICNIRS members at NIR-2013.

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  • NIR-2013 Update

    The NIR-2013 conference publicity is all about “good vibrations”, and the conference certainly seems to be developing into an exciting mixture of science, interaction and an attractive venue.

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