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As a leading publisher in analytical chemistry IM Publications is the place to publish. We value our authors and pride ourselves on a personal touch. We strive to produce quality books paying special attention to detail. The professionals, and others who choose to publish with us often comment on the qualilty of service they receive. We are committed to providing authors with an enjoyable pain free experience.

To submit your manuscript please send it to:

Sara Green
IM Publications LLP
6 Charlton Mill
West Sussex
PO18 0HY
United Kingdom


The following information would be useful to receive with your submission:

Title Information

Subject discipline
Title if known (and subtitle, if any)

Primary Author Information (provide for any coauthors as well)

Position and affiliation
Curriculum vitae (provide for primary author; include brief bios for any coauthors or contributing authors)
Mailing address
Work phone
Home phone (if we may call you there)

Product Information

Overview: Include a brief description of the publication’s objective and explain exactly what it will be about. How will your selection, organization, or treatment of the subject encourage readers to buy the publication?
Table of contents: Include a table of contents indicating chapters and subdivisions within chapters
Sample chapter: If available, please include a sample chapter. If you have published other articles and books, attach a list of those materials.

Market Information

Primary market: Indicate the audience(s) for this material (e.g., academic/research, graduate students, professionals). Be as specific as possible. If the book is aimed at graduate students, indicate whether it is a primary or supplemental text.
Secondary market: List groups with an occasional need for this material.
Competition: List publications that compete with or are similar to the one you propose, describing their weaknesses and strengths and how your publication will be superior. Provide as much data on competitive products as possible (publisher, date written, price, page length etc.).

Manuscript Information

Books: How many words do you anticipate to fully cover your topic? How many pages of appendices?
Timetable: Please provide your best estimate for completing and delivering the final manuscript.