Spectral Imaging

University of Tasmania researchers using hyperspectral remote sensing

The TerraLuma Project (University of Tasmania, Australia) is partnering with Headwall Photonics to bring hyperspectral technology to its fleet of unmanned aircraft systems.

NIR sees water and organics on Mercury

Despite being the closest planet to the Sun, water ice and organic material may well exist on the surface of Mercury.

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Hyperspectral sensors for the food industry

Headwall Photonics is collaborating with QualySense over a grain, seed and bean sorting system using Headwall’s Hyperspec Extended VNIR sensors, which operate in the spectral range of 550–1650 nm.

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Specim AisaFENIX

Specim, Spectral Imaging, Ltd, has released AisaFENIX, a robust and compact spectral imager for field and airborne installations.

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Free remote sensing data

NASA and the US Geological Survey provide data from their Landsat satellites for free. This data is already used by farmers to monitor nitrogen levels in their fields and plan fertiliser application.

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Pittcon 2013 Short Courses

The short course programme at Pittcon 2013 has been announced.

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