ParLeS v3.1—Shareware for chemometric analysis of spectroscopic data

Software capabilities:

  1. join multiple spectroscopic files from single directory into a single file
  2. numerous preprocessing and pretreatment algorithms
  3. performs principal components analysis (PCA)
  4. performs partial least squares regression (PLSR) with delete-n-cross validation
  5. performs PLSR1 modelling and prediction
  6. performs bootstrap aggregation PLSR (bagging-PLSR)
  7. provides options to save all output for external plotting and analyses
  8. version 3.1 supports interactive outlier detection

Screenshots and a description of this version are available at

If you would like to use ParLeS, please send email to Raphael VISCARRA ROSSEL ([email protected]) briefly explaining your application and your current situation (i.e. student, researcher, working at university, commercial organisation etc.).

Program Type: 

Raphael VISCARRA ROSSEL ([email protected])


ahmed_nrc's picture

I am Ahmed A. Afifi an egyptian working as a researcher at national Research Centre, in soils and water use Dept., I ahave an idea to use IRS spectroscopy to detect the soil pollution. So I have used some solution to contaminate two types of soils with Cd and Pb. to study the ability of MIR to differentiate between the source of conatminat (under which concentration) and the type of soils. I need to use your program to do the chemometric analysis to buid the model. so I can have your advice and your program I will be appreciated. I do not have a comecial use I only need an acadamic use for your program.
by the way my email adress
[email protected]
thank you in advance ad waitting for your repsonse

Dr. Ahmed A. Afifi