Journal of Spectral Imaging

Publishing Schedule

JSI—Journal of Spectral Imaging publishes papers continuously. There is a single volume per year and no individual issues. Each paper has an Article ID which, with the volume and year of publication, provide a unique identification. In addition, each paper is allocated a DOI which is registered with CrossRef and provides a persistent link to the final published paper.

More information on DOIs can be obtained from our DOI page.

Continuous publication ensures that there is no delay in the publication of your paper. It is of particular benefit for Special Issues, where there may be significant time between acceptance of the first and last papers in the collection.

How long does it take?

Once accepted, papers are logged into our production process, sent for copy editing and then typeset. At this point you will receive a PDF proof by e-mail for checking. Once we have received any corrections and assuming a second proof is not required, the paper will be published online within a few days if not a few hours. The precise time for all these stages depends on many factors, but you can expect to receive proofs within two weeks of acceptance.

Ensuring that references are in our required format (see Instructions for Authors) and that the paper is clearly written will help speed up the copy editing process. The copy editor may contact you with queries or there may be queries within the proof. Please address these promptly and fully to avoid delay.