Journal of Spectral Imaging

Promoting your paper

Nowadays there are more ways than ever to promote your paper, however, there are also many more papers being published which makes it easy to become lost in the noise. These guidelines are our suggestions for effective ways for you to promote your paper. Not all will be relevant to you and you may not wish to do all of them; that’s fine, but please work with us to maximise the impact of your paper and do what you can.

What we do

As routine, every paper published in IM Publications journals has a tweet sent about it on publication from the journal’s Twitter account, has a post made on IM Publications’ Facebook page, is included in that issue’s Table of Contents alert e-mail and in the journal’s RSS feed. We also create Press Releases for selected papers where there is potential interest in the wider scientific community or within the general public.

Our web pages are carefully structured so that all papers are indexed by Google Scholar. We also supply information to a number of databases, such as China Knowledge Resource Integrated Database, Agricola etc. so that they can include accurate information on papers in their collections.

What you can do

Whatever promotional activity you undertake, we strongly suggest that you link to your paper using the Digital Object Identifier (DOI). This will ensure that the link always works, even if we restructure our website, and will help ensure that services such as Altmetrics capture any activity around your paper. You can construct a working hyperlink by adding “” to the start of the DOI; e.g.

Social media

If you have your own Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media account, please mention the publication of your paper and provide a link using the DOI.


If you blog, please make an entry about your paper. If colleagues or others in your field blog, let them know about your paper.

Discussion lists/list servers

If relevant and appropriate, you may wish to tell colleagues on discussion lists about your latest paper.

Personal web page

Don’t forget to update your personal webpage/list of publications with your latest work.

Scholarly reference managers

If you make use of shared online reference managers, make sure your paper is included. You may also wish to include your paper on scholarly communities such as ResearchGate, and citeulike. Since all papers published in JSI are Open Access, you are free to upload the final publisher-produced PDF as well as pre- and post-prints.

Press releases

Your university, institution or even your research funder might be interested to produce a Press Release about your paper. Of course, this will not apply every time, but if your paper has particular novelty or wide interest, it is worth asking!

Multimedia enhancements

Whilst this involves a bit more effort, the rewards can be great. You can produce a short video or podcast highlighting your paper. If you do, we would like to make sure we link to it from the abstract, so let us know!