Journal of Spectral Imaging

The production process

Once a paper has been accepted it enters our production system and a copy editor will be assigned, and an acknowledgement will be sent.

Copy Editing

The copy editor will check the manuscript to ensure that it is complete. The copy editor will work to ensure that your paper uses consistent terminology and spelling, that the language is clear and unambiguous. The copy editor may need to raise questions with you, either before proofing or on the proofs themselves.

Just-Published Papers (JPPs)

Just-Published Papers (JPPs) are what we call our papers in press. Once your paper has been accepted for publication, all authors have the option of having their paper published immediately as a Just-Published Paper. Your paper is published on the web in a form before copy editing and typesetting has taken place. It is also immediately citable, since all JPPs are allocated a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). Information on how to cite a JPP and on DOIs can be obtained from our DOI page.

Once your paper has been typeset and we have received proof corrections from you, this first version will be replaced by the typeset version. A final, definitive, version with page numbers will be available once the complete issue is published online.


When the manuscript has been copy-edited and typeset a PDF of the proofs will be sent to the corresponding author. The corrected proofs should be returned to the Production Department as soon as possible.