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JSI  Letters

JSI Letters can either express the view of the author on a particular aspect of spectroscopy imaging that they wish to comment on, or can very briefly report an interesting aspect of the author’s work: perhaps details of a chemometric routine or a sampling procedure.


JSI  Letters are usually published within three weeks of submission, subject to satisfactory review. Letters are normally reviewed by the Editors. Authors are expected to submit revised manuscripts within 48 hours of receiving the referees’ reports.


JSI  Letters must be no more than four journal pages in length. Letters have an Abstract, as well as up to 10 Keywords to facilitate indexing. Given the accelerated treatment accorded to Letters, it is particularly important that they are written to a standard of English to allow rapid refereeing.

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Submissions must be identified as a “Letter” in the Journal Section in Step One of the submission process. The Letter must be suitable for publication with no more than minor amendments.

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