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Hi All , 
My name is Venkateswaran Venkataraman (Venky) , I am at present working as Senior Principal Scientist in a reputed R&D Centre .I am at the verge superannuation (by July 2013 ). Since I had been in the area of NIRS application more than two decades, I am eager to pursue my journey( after my superannuation July 2013 ) in the same field through good resource source supporter either India , South Asia or other place . 

About me: 
Nationality :Indian 
Gender : Male 
Education :BSc( Physics ), AMIE(India), MBA, Master of Philosophy( Research Method). 
Employment :till July 2013 as Senior Principal Scientist in a Reputed R&D organization 
Research :Graduated with physics as a major subject and sailed as an engineer after qualifying the charted Engineering course ,took R&D as a main stream and worked in Design and Development of NIRS based product for pulp and Paper , Plastic, Agro and Food Industry . Have a wide on hand knowledge in NIRS application and getting expertise in Chemometrics . 

Object : Excel through Experience to meet the Expertise End by Embedding science and Engineering in Every Green field of NIRS application  through urge and hard work . 

The R&D products developed are 
1. Moisture gauge ( filter type) 
2. Mono-layer thickness gauge(filter type with TE cooled device & calibration facility through MLR). 
3. Blown film thickness gauge( with optimized machine data ) 
4. Coat weight Measurement ( paper converter ) 
5. Plastic sorter ( sorts all consumer Plastics ) 
6. Edible oil Quality ( Low value of FFA measurement in on-line) 


Initiated “ chemoemtrics in India “ through Prof. Richard during ICOVPS -2008. 
Organization committee member in National Conference related Industrial 
Application, Initiator for India to be member in Asian NIRS consortium (ANC) 
I. Best Project team award ( Pulp & paper ) 
II. Best R&D paper award( by Indian Drugs Manufacture Association) 
III. Travel fellow ship (14th IDRC by ICNIRS ) 
IV. Coordinator for ICOPIC 2011 
V. Best paper award ( by M/s Camo(India ) award India during ICOPIC-2011) 
VI. Gold medal award ( by SRM University on National R&D day -2011) 
VII. Scientific committee member for ANS 2 
VIII: Received "Runner uP " -National award-2013   from Ministry of Chemical and  Fertilizers : Govt .Of India 
Three International; fifteen National and large number of Invited talk related to NIRS and Chemoemtrics ,Patent One submitted . 
Further details through LinkedIn; 
For the starting date: I am available after July 2013