Informal Session on Milk Scattering at NIR 2013

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The organizers of NIR 2013 have kindly set aside a room during the Poster Session on Thursday afternoon for those who are interested in informally comparing notes on Scatter in Milk.
This is for discussion, not presetations, but if you've got some thoughts on a slide or two, or a handout, that would be great.
If you're not going to be there. but would like to have somethoing discussed, send me a note at { [email protected] }.

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This session was well attended, in fact it had to be moved to a larger room due to demand! I hope Don will be providing a short report for NIR news in due course. In the meantime, you might like a look at the few photos I took before and during the session.

There are many more photos from NIR-2013 available at