Upload your review

1)  Log on to the system using your Username and Password. If you have forgotten your username please contact [email protected]. There is a link for forgotten passwords on the Login page.

2)  and then select the relevant paper in your reviewing list.

3)  There are two ways of entering your review.

4)  Selecting the My Review button opens a new window which allows you to type in your comments for both the author and the editor, and also any comments to be seen only by the Editor. You are only identified as Reviewer A, B etc.  The boxes will expand as you type.

5)  Select the Save button to save your review.  The window will now update with your review comments but will only close when you select the Close button, so you can continue adding comments if required.

6)  Alternatively you can write your Review as a Word document and select it for upload under step 4 above.

7)  Finally, it is really important that you ‘Select a Recommendation’ (Step 5) and click the ‘Submit Review to Editor’ button as this is the only way the Editor knows that you have completed your review.