Resubmit Revised Manuscript for Review

Often, the reviewers will suggest that changes are made to your manuscript before it can be accepted. This explains how you should upload your revised manuscript.

N.B. the screenshot below was taken in Firefox and may look slightly different in other browsers.

  1. Log in to the online manuscript system for your journal (
  2. Choose the Author role and click on the title of the paper that you are going to upload the revised manuscript for.
  3. Referring to the screenshot below, click on the REVIEW tab (circled in red).
  4. At the bottom of the screen is an upload box for your revised manuscript (circled in green); use this to select and upload your new document file.
  5. Use the mail icon (circled in blue) to notify the Editor that you have uploaded a revised version and to include any additional information such as responses to reviewers’ reports.



If there is no box to upload a revised manuscript, please do NOT start a new submission but contact us for help:

Ian Michael: [email protected]