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Student award winners

PANalytical Boulder (previously ASD) has announced the Alexander Goetz Instrument Support Program award recipients for 2014.

For their new and innovative research projects, 12 students have been selected to receive temporary use of one of their NIR instruments. Additionally, recipients are eligible to receive up to $500 (USD) toward publication charges for papers published by an approved journal, and/or reimbursement of travel costs to recipients with an accepted abstract for an oral or poster presentation at a relevant scientific conference.

The successful projects were selected based on technical and geographic diversity. Supported research will increase understanding of ancient cultures, climate change impacts, forensic science, forest analysis with satellite imagery, plant physiology, as well as the utility of NIR analysis for industrial polymerisation. Field studies will be globally dispersed to awarded students, who are conducting research in locations including Belize, Greenland, Nepal, Italy, and Bulgaria.

A complete list of recipients of the 2014 Goetz Instrument Support Program award and their research topics is available.


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