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Posted: 22 April 2013

NIR hyperspectral imaging can monitor both the chemical composition and physical properties of composite polymers, say Canadian chemical engineers.

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Posted: 9 April 2013

A low-cost, unmanned aerial vehicle, which helps to select the maize varieties which are best adapted to adverse environmental conditions, uses visible and NIR reflectance spectral data.

Posted: 4 April 2013

Irish scientists have used NIR hyperspectral imaging to reveal the protein, fat and water content of pork chops.

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Posted: 18 March 2013

Bruker has introduced the new Tango-T stand-alone FT-NIR spectrometer for measuring liquid samples in transmission.

Posted: 15 March 2013

ABB’s TALYS is an FT-NIR spectrometer designed for in-line monitoring and control of batch or continuous processes.

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Posted: 13 March 2013

ASD Inc. has been acquired by Spectris plc for of $14 million.

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Posted: 7 March 2013

US and Candian researchers have used NIR spectroscopy to help explore how long liquid water may have existed on the surface of Mars.

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Posted: 26 February 2013

A pill-sized device uses NIR light to provide rapid, detailed imaging of oesophageal lining and potential early detection of oesophageal cancer.

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Posted: 25 February 2013

Fourier-Transform (FT) NIR spectroscopy can discriminate between even closely plant species more accurately than DNA fingerprinting, say Brazilian and US scientists.

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Posted: 22 February 2013

Avantes have released their next generation Fibre Optic Multiplexers (FOM), which are faster, more reliable and quieter.

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