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Posted: 2 November 2012

Headwall Photonics is collaborating with QualySense over a grain, seed and bean sorting system using Headwall’s Hyperspec Extended VNIR sensors, which operate in the spectral range of 550–1650 nm.

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Posted: 2 November 2012

Biologists from the University of Bonn, Germany, have discovered that a cichlid fish can see in the NIR and uses this to hunt and possibly mate.

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Posted: 2 November 2012

Perten’s new NIR instrument incorporates non-moving optical components, internal temperature stabilisation and a static hard drive encased in an IP65 rated (dust proof/water resistant) housing.

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Posted: 1 November 2012

Hand-held NIR spectroscopy proves useful for the detection of “hot spots” of cyanide contamination in soil.

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Posted: 23 October 2012

NewbornEven newborn babies just a few days old can remember words, although they're better at remembering the vowels in those words than the consonants, say Italian scientists.

Posted: 15 October 2012

A team of Canadian soil scientists has shown that NIR spectroscopy offers a quick and easy way to determine several soil properties, including how strongly it binds the powerful, manure-derived steroid 17β-estradiol.

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Posted: 11 October 2012

NIR spectroscopy is an effective way to determine muscle mass in the elderly, say Japanese medical researchers.

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Posted: 10 October 2012

Specim, Spectral Imaging, Ltd, has released AisaFENIX, a robust and compact spectral imager for field and airborne installations.

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Posted: 9 October 2012

The Fiji Sugar Corporation is to buy a NIR analyser to test all incoming sugar and pay farmers on the basis of its quality.

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Posted: 8 October 2012

When the olive harvest in Spain and Portugal gets underway this November some forward-looking oil producers will have a NIR new tool to help them get the best from their olive presses.

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