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News Blog: 2012

Posted: 14 December 2012

French scientists have used NIR spectroscopy to monitor the transesterification reactions that produce biodiesel in a microreactor.

Tagged: biofuel
Posted: 29 November 2012

Despite being the closest planet to the Sun, water ice and organic material may well exist on the surface of Mercury.

Tagged: astronomy
Posted: 22 November 2012

The use of NIR spectroscopy to detect when a female giant panda is in oestrus and so help captive breeding is reported in a new publication.

Posted: 16 November 2012

The ecoVis is a compact, economical light source with response from 400 nm to 2500 nm.

Posted: 15 November 2012

With winter coming to the northern hemisphere and snow likely to fall over the next few months, US scientists have unveiled a new portable NIR spectroscopy instrument for measuring the size of snow grains in snow drifts.

Tagged: climate
Posted: 12 November 2012

Remote sensing in the NIR is being used to investigate the growth of grass in Ireland, a crop that less is known about than many others.

Posted: 9 November 2012

US scientists have shown that diffuse NIR spectroscopy offers a speedy and accurate way to determine whether or not diabetic foot ulcers are healing.

Tagged: medical
Posted: 8 November 2012

Foss NIRSystems has introduced Vision 3.60 with support for the latest NIR laboratory and process hardware.

Tagged: Foss, software
Posted: 7 November 2012

Færch Plast, has developed a new black crystalline polyethylene (CPET) packaging material that makes it possible for recyclers to sort black CPET in the mixed plastic waste stream using NIR technology.

Tagged: recycling, plastic
Posted: 3 November 2012

A recent publication shows the potential of NIR for use in liquid screening at airports.

Tagged: security, liquids


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