Coffee just the way you like it

The discovery that NIR spectroscopy can accurately determine the caffeine concentration of individual coffee beans could transform the entire coffee market.

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The seed of wine

The phenolic composition of grape seeds can predict the taste of any subsequent wine, but can NIR spectroscopy predict the phenolic composition of grape seeds?

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Italian-style egg pasta analysis

Italian chemists have used NIR spectroscopy to make sure that their egg pasta does definitely contain eggs.

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A nose for cheese

NIR spectroscopy can classify cheese according to the diet of the cows that supplied the milk, say French scientists.

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Starch and moisture interfere with fungal detection

A team of scientists from Thailand has tried using NIR spectroscopy to detect infection of rice grains by toxin-producing species of fungi, but with mixed results.

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Nothing like a good pork chop

Irish scientists have used NIR hyperspectral imaging to reveal the protein, fat and water content of pork chops.

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