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The Annals of Jan Dlugosz
The Annals of Jan Dlugosz 
An abridged edition in English of the great medieval chronicle Annales seu cronicae incliti regni Poloniae

A contemporary history of the half-forgotten lands between the rivers Oder and Dnieper: Byelorus, Bohemia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland and the Ukraine from A.D. 965 to A.D. 1480

Jan Dlugosz wrote his great chronicle in Latin in the later years of his life. Copies were made, but it was not until A.D. 1511 that the text was printed. Annales seu cronicae incliti regni Poloniae was translated into German in 1594 and into Polish in 1868 and a new edition was started in 1960 (though the crucial final Book 12 has yet to appear). Thus this English abridgement makes Dlugosz' great work available for the first time to others than specialist scholars.

Because of the enormous length of the Annales even those able to read the original will find The Annals a useful introduction and guide for further study. Dlugosz' great work is now considered as important as the famous chronicles of Froissart and de Commines. It is certainly an essential, if not the most important, source book for medieval East European studies today, which hitherto have been hampered by the lack of translations of this basic material and thus lacking the different perspectives provided by The Annals.

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Calendar of Feasts and Saints’ Days
  • List of Illustrations and Maps
  • Maps
  • The Annals
  • Epilogue
  • Commentary
  • Index

AUTHOR(S)/ED(S) Maurice Michael
BINDING Hardback
NO. PAGES xxvii + 673
AVAILABILITY In stock for immediate despatch




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