Unscrumbler ver 10.3.1

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Dear All,
I have the unscrumbler software ver 10.3.1 but can not import file from NSAS and also cannot export to JDCAMP..
How the way to activated unscrumbler for import file from NSAS and export file to JDCAMP?
Thank You

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Let me reach out to our team in Norway and see what they say. If you'd like to communicate directly, my email is [email protected]

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If the NSAS data are *.da should be able to import. To export as JCAMP, select only the spectral data, and not any constituent data that may be in the file

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According to our Unscrambler product manager: We haven’t released Unsc. v10.3.1, except light versions for GuidedWave and JDSU (possibly some others). These have very limited import and export options. In order to test the full functionality of Unsc. You should download and install version 10.5. Please reach out to me directly at [email protected], and I will provide you with a short term license to try it for free to see if that solves your issue. 

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Hi Heather Brooke,
I got the Unscrambler v10.3.1 when I bought the micronir from JDSU USA 2 years ago. Ok I will send you email directly.
Thank You.
Kind regards,