NIR and PUFA content in animal feed

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Dear all,
I was planning to work on discrimination of feeds supplemented with various levels of n-3 fatty acids, using NIR. The sources od fatty acids would be different: lineseed oil, fish oil and synthetic PUFAs. I was wondering if it is possible, because the content of n-3 fatty acids is way below 1% in these feeds.
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Hello Marijana,
It is always unwise to say that something cannot be done by NIR because someone will prove you wrong!
However, I think your proposal is unlikely to be reliable. Can I suggest you concentrate the supplement by doing a solvent extraction and then scanninng a sample of the extract on a filter paper (after evaporting the solvent).
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With several different sources of poly-unsaturated fatty acids, coupled with low concentrations, you will probably not be able to achieve r-squared values of much better than 0.7, so if that will satisfy your needs, yes it should be possible.

Posted by Ian Michael on behalf of Phil Williams

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Hello Marijana,
I will be positive but I am not sure you can obtain adequate signal to noise.
I suggest measurement in transmittance in the 1100 to 1300 nm region on a finely
ground sample of a thickness that provides a maximum absorbance of 2.0 using 
an instrument with the best signal to noise in this region.