IR/FT-IR or NIR/FT-NIR spectroscopy?

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How to choose the best method between IR/FT-IR and NIR/FT-NIR spectroscopy for quantitative analysis of pharmaceutical substances?

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Dear Zahra,

Most people who are likely to answer your question on this forum have spent 30 years (or more) working to develop the application of near infrared spectroscopy and will tell you that NIR is usually superior to IR for quantitative analysis. If you ask about a specific application then the answers might be a little less biased.

It also depends on your knowledge and what equipment you have available. If you do not have any experience with NIR spectroscopy but you have an IR spectrometer, then you could ask the manufacturer of your spectrometer if they think your application could be successfully achieved on their IR spectrometer.

If you decide to enter the world of NIR spectroscopy then you should be ready for a steep learning curve before you can have confidence in your results. For either method you are going to have to learn about “chemometrics”. Much of the available chemometric programs were developed as a response to the requirements of NIR spectroscopy and the same software has been more recently been adopted in quantitative IR spectroscopy.

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Well said.  Two thumps up! 


If you don't hear of chemometrics. Don't touch NIR.


Jerry Jin