Error when develop equation with the full spectrum

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Dear all,
My name is Opik from Indonesia. I'm using NIRs 6500 series and winISI III version 1.63
I have problem with winISI which can't make equation because error in global equation.
Recently, my PC was hang, so I reinstall my PC. And then I reinstall winISI III but can make equation.
When I developed equation with full spectra, the software was error, and the monitor shown "Golbal caused a General Protection Fault in Product GLOBAL.EXE at 006:SE57". 
I will apreciate if anyone can help my problems.
Best regards,
Opik T. Akbar 

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I have never seen that type of error message. If he relays his message to Mark Westerhaus at [email protected] he will probably get his question answered very quickly.

(Posted on behalf of Phil Williams)

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Dear Opik,

Please try to contact this person :

Anders Broberg [Service Engineer C&SS NIR Team]

Email : [email protected]

Mobile : +46 703091515