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Sample-probe gapHoward Mark 4-08-13  8:14 am
Thickness of a ceramic reference tileHoward Mark 4-03-13  4:26 am
Calibration transfer on NIR case by SACMITony Davies 3-18-13  6:38 am
FOSS Systems 5000 diagnosticsKongFanli 22 2-18-13  10:33 am
Liquid cellTony Davies 21 8-10-11  5:17 pm
Can some1 tell me what this spectra is?Jose Miguel Hernande6-10-11  6:53 am
Absolute Referencing in RemissionJakob Schultz 9-09-11  11:02 am
Anyone using PERTEN NIR unit? S.O.S.Marijana Maslovaric 6-03-11  1:29 am
NIR for minute culture media ZHENQI SHI 4-20-11  10:58 pm
InterferenceJohan Gravett 4-06-11  2:04 am
Why is FT-NIR called FT-NIR?Tony Davies 3-18-11  11:22 am
INSTALAB 600Howard Mark 12-13-10  3:19 pm
NIR reference (polystyrene) spectrum errorFatih KAHRIMAN 15 2-10-11  12:54 am
Reflectance vs. TransflectanceSÚverine Gabioud Reb12 10-12-10  6:00 am
Low cost NIR instrumentDavid von Boisman 16 7-21-10  10:08 am
Standardization of NIRFernando Morgado 7-14-10  9:03 am
On-line dilution in flow cellFred Korpel 6-28-10  4:32 am
NIR-ID probe cleaning validation/supplier of disposable plastic sle...David Semmes 6-23-10  6:55 am
Emission NIR instrumentLuis H. Espinoza-Nav5-06-10  10:32 am
In choosing NIR accessoriesAna Garrido-Varo 5-19-10  10:06 am
Check Cell / FOSS NIRSystems 6500Pierre Dardenne 5-05-10  3:18 am
Use of NIR fpr testing of moisture levels in blood samplesGeorge Hill 11-26-09  3:46 am
Verifying Fibre optic probe cleaning proceduresDavid Semmes 6-22-10  2:21 pm
Evaluating Diffrent NIR'sGraham Currie 11-04-09  11:41 pm
Instrument schematic daigramGerry Downey 9-23-09  6:47 am
Feature in emission spectrum of NIR ligth sourceGabi Levin 9-15-09  4:57 pm
Is there a requirement for a brighter NIR broadband light source?Ian Goodyer 10 6-16-09  1:40 pm
Difference between NIRS 5000 and 6500 modulePierre Dardenne2-16-09  2:48 am
Qualification of quartz sample cupsTony Davies15 2-11-09  6:01 pm
Sale of used spectrometerkerry walsh2-01-09  7:29 pm
NIR diode array versus FT-NIRJan Ramaekers2-05-09  3:35 am
NIRSystem 6500 error data truncated- help pleaseNancy Bedore11-14-08  9:49 am
Sample DividersMichael C Mound4-03-08  5:19 am
NIR Method Validationkevin Mackin11 11-14-08  9:31 am
Wavefront modificationHoward Mark8-28-07  8:10 am
Low energyHoward Mark7-27-07  8:25 am
Portable NIR with colourTony Davies7-24-07  4:06 am
Coal characterization on-lineMichael C Mound21 8-13-07  5:06 am
NIR in petroleum productsGavriel Levin11 6-28-07  9:57 am
Problems with the Foss NIRSystems 6500 referenceArt Springsteen6-10-07  8:09 pm
Thermal variation of BK7 (optical glass)windowsHoward Mark6-05-07  10:33 am
From raw to corrected spectraBenoit Igne5-24-07  4:47 pm
NIR with visible regionTony Davies5-17-07  4:26 am
NIR for forage digestibilityHendra Herdian4-04-07  8:03 pm
Yokogawa NIRkathryn lee1-25-07  5:34 pm
Autosampler for Bomem MB160Hector Casal1-23-07  11:35 am
Diffuse reflectance colllection angleSheelagh Halsey12-13-06  2:21 am
NIR detectorsTony Davies11 3-23-07  4:40 am
NIR RobustnessKenneth Gallaher8-30-06  10:20 am
Donation of an NIR SpectrophotometerBruce H. Campbell7-23-06  7:30 am
Moisture Determination of Lyophilized ProductsMichel Coene6-26-06  2:25 am
Wavelength repeatability, photometric linearityHoward Mark8-24-06  4:11 pm
System SelectionEmil Ciurczak6-15-06  12:55 pm
If possible I need help with NIRPierre Dardenne6-10-06  1:50 am
NIR instrument qualification according to Ph EurHoward Mark5-16-06  10:34 am
Field assessment of nitrogen in lettuce leaves thomas ricour4-23-06  9:24 pm
AOTF NIR in liquid applications.hlmark2-28-06  5:19 am
Used Uv-Vis-NIR spectrophotometers for SaleBruce H. Campbell10-23-05  7:09 pm
Volume of sample analyzed in NIRDJDahm9-15-05  2:59 pm
NIRS for oxygen analysisEmilio6-27-02  4:03 am
NIR for Feedstuff AnalysisSubodh11-13-01  3:05 am
On-Line AnalysisMichael C Mound7-11-07  2:26 am
Standardization of NIR spectrometer for feed stuff analysisTony Davies2-22-01  3:15 am
The influence of aperture stopYang LIU3-06-01  8:59 pm
Developing NIR Technique for ResearchC_Real2-08-02  6:28 am
NIR for fat and oil analysishlmark8-04-05  12:58 pm
Performance Verification of Reflectance ProbesArt Springsteen7-27-01  5:39 am
NIR system for powder measurementsStephen Medlin11-08-02  8:47 am
Lack of reproducibility of resultsSarah Smyth10-26-01  2:46 am
Quantitative Analysis Using FIber ProbesGavriel Levin13 8-03-07  2:38 am
Powder sample analysis with FTIRFernando Morgado12 2-28-02  5:32 am
Dispersive vs Interferometric Instruments in NIRMichel Coene3-13-02  3:38 am
NIR in the region of 800 to 1100 nmKarl Norris4-11-02  2:00 pm
Diode Array NIR Systemjohn5-02-02  10:24 am
Ceramic lampHoward Mark4-24-02  8:07 am
Looking forJames F. King6-24-02  9:42 am
Performance Verification Standards for Reflectance NIRGary Ritchie9-04-02  9:24 am
Measure stainless steelGabi Levin9-24-02  10:36 am
Accuracy of lab-scale NIR instruments- - protein contentdardenne9-27-02  6:47 am
Miniature spectrophotometers, usageBruce H. Campbell1-13-03  6:49 am
We need an implementation helpTAD2-08-03  5:11 am
One dimensional imagingMPDC3-10-03  8:48 am
Prices of NIR Instrument for ID testing of pharmaceuticals MC4-17-03  1:46 am
FT-IR verses NIR, main differencesquestion51 9-04-05  4:38 pm
Spikes when using MatrixNIR LCTFKatarina Stenman11-01-03  12:20 pm
NIR for Polyolsusername6-04-04  10:43 am
Diffuse reflectance fiber probeB.Q. LI2-12-04  9:25 am
Research-grade FT-IRRobby2-17-04  7:20 am
Inserts in spinning cupshlmark6-29-04  5:02 am
Spectroscopic Methodslois_weyer11-19-04  6:00 pm
ASD Labspec Pro InstrumentMatthew Kerr12-03-04  12:52 am
Analysis of aromatics by using NIRKathryn Lee1-14-05  5:53 pm
Industry standard softwarealun evans3-08-05  5:30 am
NIR for analyze grapesDaniel Cozzolino5-25-05  1:46 am
Post-dispersive FT-NIRChen15 6-13-05  7:58 am
Selection of NIR instrumentvenkatarman6-28-06  11:47 pm
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