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Use and Calibration of NIRsAhmed Danasabe Ibrah5-21-13  3:11 am
Analysis of Softening point of polymer by NIRDr Rajendra Ponde 5-19-13  11:20 am
Random Mixture Wizard Maria Mercedes Berto5-13-13  8:23 am
Help from Mobile UsersIan Michael 4-30-13  5:31 am
Advice for transfering dataHoward Mark 15 4-26-13  3:40 am
MBSD calculationKlemen Korasa 4-20-13  12:23 pm
No neighbourhood H (NH) values given in WinISIMathieu Jourdain 13 4-12-13  12:18 am
VFA Determination - Rumen FluidMary Lou Swift 4-08-13  10:44 am
PLS pridiction error in Unscramblervenkatarman 3-30-13  11:11 am
About blending using NIRDonald J Dahm 3-29-13  2:17 pm
Relationshio btw RMSEP and SD... Need help!Tony Davies 3-12-13  6:57 am
Bandwidth Test FailedMelvin Soriano 3-07-13  2:38 am
Particlr shape and size in crushed corn for feedthomas ricour 3-06-13  12:26 am
RMS < 0.012Melvin Soriano 3-01-13  1:48 am
Reflectance normalize in absorbance log(1/R) Art Springsteen 12-17-12  12:51 pm
Doubling S/N when doubling resolution (i.e. 8-->16 cm-1) Howard Mark 20 11-24-12  6:07 pm
How to export a model from Unscrambler X for OPUS format?Katherine Bakeev 11-12-12  8:56 pm
Normal distribution or not? Please helpHoward Mark 13 10-25-12  8:43 am
The necessity of autoscale on Y ?Howard Mark 8-30-12  1:40 pm
Infrared correlation chartHoward Mark 20 8-23-12  8:47 am
MCR vs. CLS on spectroscopic deconvolution for reaction IR spectraZHENQI SHI 8-05-12  5:57 pm
Cloud influence in spectraJim Burger 11 7-02-12  4:25 pm
InfraXact - silage analysisMary Lou Swift 6-29-12  9:23 am
Monitoring components in a complex solutionkerry walsh 21 6-23-12  9:03 am
850 nm absorbing materialGiacomo Cocci 6-07-12  3:12 am
Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy - negative valuesGabi Levin 10 4-25-12  11:40 am
Single kernel analysis - Perten DA 7200David E Honigs 14 4-16-12  9:41 am
NIR / Moisture Determination / Validationchenchu sathish kuma11 11-16-12  7:57 pm
Substracting backgroundTony Davies 3-02-12  11:14 am
Suitability of light sourceDavid von Boisman 14 2-22-12  1:58 pm
Sometimes WinISI datafiles are undeletableChristof Kluß 1-22-12  5:22 am
Selection of spectral variablesTony Davies 1-24-12  3:00 pm
Setup of MPA (Bruker) with a fiber-probeAlisha 1-10-12  10:26 am
Question about below 485 cm-1Howard Mark 12-01-11  3:13 pm
Dickey John NIRDavid Russell 12-01-11  11:37 am
Dickey John NIRMarijana Maslovaric 11-30-11  3:36 pm
How to calute GH&NH values manuallyJosé Ramón Cuesta 10 12-01-11  5:08 am
MSC for data taken in two different daysKarl Norris 16 11-10-11  7:12 pm
NIR on single kernels: Limitations and challenges Lars Nørgaard 10-24-11  4:15 am
Beta glucan in barleyGabi Levin 9-23-11  10:59 pm
Unknown spectraMichael C Mound 15 9-09-11  3:07 am
PCR,PLS,SVM comparisonBilal Ahmad Malik 8-22-11  8:51 am
Band assignments of essential nutrients in plantsGustavo Figueira de 8-10-11  4:30 pm
Looking for mini-sized collimating optic partHoward Mark 11 8-13-11  1:54 pm
About NIR spectralee 8-04-11  2:38 am
Ist derivative vs 2nd derivative preprocessingBilal Ahmad Malik 8-08-11  8:16 am
NIR soil analysisJody Hoefs 8-15-11  6:39 am
NIR spectra of gaseous speciesPeter Tillmann 6-28-11  3:13 am
Savitzky-Golay TailsJim Burger 11 6-22-11  1:57 pm
Background material while using FOSS-NIRTony Davies 23 6-22-11  2:51 pm
To mill or not to mill?dumin 11 1-10-12  3:07 am
How to infer from PCAIan Michael 6-02-11  7:50 am
Spectra subtractionHoward Mark 26 6-07-11  8:44 am
SaltLez Dix 11 5-24-11  4:26 am
Different detector gain for sample and referenceHoward Mark 4-13-11  8:35 am
Optical componentHoward Mark 3-30-11  11:06 am
GraphiteArt Springsteen 3-10-11  1:03 pm
More Blend UniformityTony Davies 2-22-11  4:07 am
NIR and bacterial detectionGerry Downey 2-15-11  3:28 am
Residual Moisture (Dry vs Re-dried)Gareth Burns 2-18-11  5:45 am
Judging PLS models for NIRS predictionDavid Cameron 3-06-11  11:17 pm
Spectra shape questionEduardo Zamora 12-12-10  2:49 am
Solid minerals (in water)udayakumar kanniyapp11 11-26-10  5:12 am
C-H frequencies in long-chain fatty acidsCiaccheri Leonardo 11-15-10  8:45 am
Indicator variables and PLSAlisha 11-23-10  10:42 am
Glass OH MeasurementDavid Cameron 3-06-11  11:37 pm
Question about WinISI II 1.5Maris Stegenburgs 10-28-10  3:36 am
WinISI equation from keyboardJosé Ramón Cuesta 16 11-03-11  5:53 pm
Reference vs. NIRvenkatarman 10-19-10  12:11 am
Poor reference valuesDavid W. Hopkins 10-28-10  10:07 am
NIR through breast tissue (in-vivo)Howard Mark 10 9-03-10  1:57 pm
ASTM E1790-04 Standard Practice for Near Infrared Qualitative Analysislee 8-31-10  7:50 pm
Screening of polymersDavid W. Hopkins 8-31-10  8:35 am
About Wavelength SelectionChia 9-01-10  3:48 am
Help Regarding Calibration for NIR spectrometerVilas Vyankatrao Jan8-30-10  5:53 pm
NIR spectrum data & reference data for calibrationChia 8-21-10  1:29 am
Looking for an articleLez Dix 8-16-10  5:15 am
Global or discriminant equation?E. Perez 8-05-10  9:05 am
NIR and Sample ContainersFrancesco Davini 7-05-10  2:07 pm
Wheat End Use Quality and NIR/TFrancesco Davini 6-16-10  11:54 am
T compensation: FAT analysis of fish samplesPierre Dardenne 20 10-05-10  7:29 am
Soluble Protein in Soy Fernando Morgado 6-09-10  9:13 am
Please recommend a refletance NIR spectrometerSirinnapa Saranwong 4-14-10  5:51 pm
What solvent to use?Tony Davies 4-30-10  3:24 pm
Winisi stepwise and crossvalidationvenkatarman 3-11-10  11:17 pm
How I create a matrix to resolve some problemsNatalie 12 2-24-10  2:51 am
NIR of char samples Art Springsteen 10 2-15-10  3:12 pm
Oil in seeds quantificationGabi Levin 2-03-10  12:46 am
Number of samplesMarion Cuny 2-02-10  2:08 am
NIR spectrum of human whole bloodDusan Kojic 8-12-11  3:11 am
Starch transformationGabi Levin 12-09-09  12:55 am
Cluster analysis-HYPROMELLOSE Tony Davies 11-19-09  2:26 pm
Mismatch between calibration and FCVHoward Mark 11-06-09  5:01 am
Glocose CalibrationAvi Gabai 14 11-25-09  1:56 pm
NIR spectral regionsRobin Gruna 10-07-09  3:46 am
NIR-transparent filmGabi Levin 15 10-08-09  2:27 pm
Publication historyHoward Mark 2-09-10  12:19 pm
How to demonstrate LOD,LOQ,specificity,robustness and accurary?Richard Kramer 16 9-30-09  10:35 am
Particle size and light scatteringvenkatarman 21 1-09-13  10:26 pm
Trypsin inhibitor activity in Soy mealLarry Kollasch 9-04-10  9:28 am
FT-NIR market potentialHoward Mark 8-27-09  9:08 am
Mixing in solvent with on-line NIRGabi Levin 8-20-09  3:37 pm
Quantifying anhydride, acid and ester levels in a complex polymer m...Lois Weyer 8-20-09  3:19 pm
Blending in pharmaceutical processesMarta Lichtig 8-23-09  11:47 pm
Studying protein (secondary) structures with NIR?Tony Davies 8-11-09  9:04 am
Oxygen - Where to Look?Gabi Levin 8-08-09  3:56 am
fundemental ,overtone , combination bandsCharles E. Miller 25 8-19-09  12:23 pm
NIRS Sample VS Reference SampleHermudananto 6-29-09  10:24 pm
Question about new lampFrancesco Davini 10 8-12-10  3:33 am
Water in human tissue Howard Mark 6-17-09  1:19 pm
Blind testHoward Mark 6-01-09  9:48 am
Decomposition of leaves-discrimination between spectraScott Parsons 6-04-09  7:37 pm
Seed varieties classificationSheelagh Halsey 5-20-09  2:32 am
RMSEP vs RMSECTony Davies 5-19-09  3:55 am
Water in Drug PowderRalf Marbach 5-19-09  3:22 pm
How to make a check cellZhou XInqi 4-16-09  8:08 am
SELECT in UnscramblerScott Parsons3-23-09  1:18 am
NIR in clinical applicationsDr.K.Balasubramanian3-25-09  5:58 pm
Where can I find NIR spectrum of sodium formate?Howard Mark1-13-09  2:02 pm
In vivo NIR monitoring of muscle oxygenationJerry Jin1-06-09  11:23 am
Penetration depthDonald J Dahm1-06-09  10:24 am
NIR in biomedicinevenkatarman13 3-26-09  1:46 am
NIR in-situ to monitor amino acids in cell cultivationlionel hellin11-14-08  4:40 am
Pharmaceutical applications nir training Howard Mark11-14-08  4:47 am
Spectral Treatment Donald J Dahm 10 11-24-09  3:20 pm
Xds mater lab vision softewareiyas10-05-08  9:26 am
High Rsq's with low 1-VR's ???Scott Parsons10-12-08  11:55 pm
Gain settings on ABB analyzer Fred Korpel9-29-08  6:43 am
Wavelength detectionTony Davies9-29-08  5:45 am
Seed germinability with NIR?Peter Tillmann9-29-08  1:17 am
NIR quantitative analysisvenkatarman13 9-11-08  6:41 am
Detrend algorithm helpPierre Dardenne8-29-08  2:24 am
Fast moving powdersvenkatarman19 7-21-08  7:59 pm
IR/NIR chemical imaging systemsNico Heigl6-17-08  5:14 am
Assay of Barium sulphate by NIRClayton Ross5-08-08  9:28 pm
Dear all , homogeneity test venkatarman5-06-08  12:34 am
Tony Davies needs your help!venkatarman10-22-08  12:00 am
S/N ratioKlaas Faber3-13-08  4:14 am
Blend Uniformity Gustavo Figueira de 17 2-21-11  4:08 pm
Particle sizeMichel Coene3-07-08  4:13 am
If you please can you guide me about this subject ( nir as indicat...iyas2-12-08  11:48 am
I need help in the quantative assy for a tablet conatining of 3 act...iyas11 2-06-08  1:23 am
Spectrum of Hydroxybiphenyl NeededDavid W. Hopkins1-21-08  7:07 pm
OPUS file conversion to text filesandrew m sila11-22-07  3:50 am
NIR spectrum of water-queryHoward Mark8-23-07  11:41 am
Endpoint for Bleding operation!!!venkatarman8-16-07  5:29 am
Help! how to statistically compare SEP for equations based on diffe...venkatarman8-08-07  6:08 am
Absorbance & log1/RDonald J Dahm22 7-18-07  11:19 am
NIR reflects stereochemical structure?Bruce H. Campbell20 7-11-07  6:26 am
NIR and Liposome analysisAbou dou Akambi5-23-07  5:11 pm
Bruker spectra analysed by WINISI?Fernando Morgado 3-15-13  8:26 am
Pretreatment vs. raw data Kamdzhilov Yavor5-15-07  3:27 am
Ethanol NIR spectra at various temperaturesErik Skibsted5-08-07  10:47 am
DESIRBengt Nordlund5-09-07  1:54 am
NIR for viscosity and softening point of AdhesivesMSRajpoot4-28-07  9:06 am
Melamine SpectrumKenneth Gallaher18 4-16-07  9:52 am
Ph. D. Dissertation (Poultry Feeds and Parasites)venkatarman3-16-07  1:07 am
"Background materials" used for diffuse reflection measurements?...Donald J Dahm10 3-03-07  8:01 am
NIR for detection of fraud in art worksPeter Flinn1-19-07  6:58 pm
2 D softwareTony Davies11-08-06  5:50 am
NIR use in R&DHoward Mark11-11-06  4:30 pm
NIR & pharma - samples for calibrationGavriel Levin10 11-16-06  9:06 am
Effect of sample darkening along the NIR rangeCesar Guerrero10-17-06  5:24 am
Phamaceutical SolutionsGavriel Levin12 10-16-06  1:42 pm
Lwrpred function?Dongsheng Bu9-18-06  4:14 pm
Discrimination model: how mana samples? which quality?David W. Hopkins9-04-06  10:26 pm
Do you analyze polymers by NIR AOTFHoward Mark14 2-06-07  11:22 am
Need help to find and upgrade calibrations in NIR in grapes and winesthomas ricour8-21-06  5:48 am
Milk Powder Fat, Moisture & Protein wavelengths pleaseDavid W. Hopkins8-16-06  9:38 am
NIR in meat Gavriel Levin7-14-06  12:56 am
NIR gas cellGavriel Levin1-10-07  2:41 pm
Contaminant Appearance and X-axis Spectral ShiftingDongsheng Bu6-30-06  12:32 pm
Quantification of production prebatchesAndrew McGlone6-18-06  4:57 pm
Laser Induced Fluorescence vs. NIRDennis Pliutau5-19-06  8:21 pm
Vials for NIRDavid Semmes 12 1-20-12  4:51 pm
Why low absorptivities of absorption is good in NIR? MPDC4-25-06  2:52 am
Light scattering theory in NIR transmission Xuxin Lai16 4-18-06  3:48 am
FT-NIR Spectra InterpretationDr.K.Balasubramanian10 10-16-06  9:43 am
Need Cholesterol Spectra in NIRMoses Brandon6-02-06  3:32 pm
FtnirTony Davies4-04-06  4:27 am
Spectral pretreatmentRseeth4-03-06  9:37 am
Rice leavesjimboy bactong18 3-23-06  11:45 am
Vibrational spectroscopy (NIR,MIR, Raman) versus electronic (UV-Vis...Javier3-13-06  8:57 am
Vibrational spectroscopy (NIR,MID, Raman) versus electronic (UV-Vis...Javier17 3-17-06  5:56 pm
Identifying eucalypt hybrids and classification of different proven...thomas ricour3-20-06  10:57 pm
Low range Calibrations development jrcuesta3-09-06  3:53 pm
NIR-calibrations... better in cm-1 or in nm???Cesar Guerrero10 3-08-06  10:45 am
Food grade NIR contrast agentsDavid W. Hopkins2-08-06  10:05 am
Nernst glower supplierhlmark2-06-06  12:12 pm
Problems with my NIRAmanolo1-19-06  10:29 am
SEP for powder drying monitoringGabi Levin17 1-19-06  5:30 pm
Contamination Inspectiondjdahm1-17-06  2:46 pm
Please test my softwareMichel1-18-06  3:43 am
I want to find a NIR equipment manufcturer as partner in EU projectvenkatarman12-21-06  11:56 pm
Why NIR is not a good trace analysis method?Gabi Levin1-07-06  7:09 pm
Near infrared scanningzhiyong gao1-04-06  8:02 pm
Difference between FTNIR & NIR?Gavriel Levin10-15-06  10:36 am
Difference between FTNIR & NIR?K. A. Arun1-04-06  1:19 am
Difference between FTNIR & NIR?MPDC1-04-06  2:50 am
Mussel characterization by NIRrodrigo glez. rebore1-02-06  2:24 am
Mussel characterization by NIRvFrancesco Beccari11-03-06  5:22 am
NIR analysis of coffeeHenk-Jan Ramaker1-04-06  7:41 am
Q's about developing NIR calibrations for finished product from raw...[email protected]48 12-13-05  1:12 pm
Software(s)MPDC11-23-05  2:42 am
Transfer unground products calibrationsjrcuesta11-21-05  5:37 am
Carbon dioxide absorption strength around 1550nmAnn Chojnacki4-25-06  1:33 pm
RMS values between the same sample on 2 instrumentsjrcuesta11-21-05  7:08 am
Residual solventsGabi Levin11-18-05  9:27 am
Software availability??hlmark11-17-05  8:47 am
Need help with alphix-helix and beta-shett band assignmentsErik Skibsted4-27-06  4:31 am
Meat projectPeter Tillmann11-14-05  9:36 am
Can you give me a standard for estimating fat and SNF in NIRhela4-10-06  5:57 am
Can you give me a standard for estimating fat and SNF in NIRHela10-20-05  4:19 am
NIR detectorshlmark10-18-05  5:18 am
FDA / EMEA Guidance on Method Transfer etcFred Long10-13-05  3:56 pm
Scattering Bob Bogglin10-12-05  3:58 am
AdvantagesMPDC10-13-05  7:22 am
Fiber optic cables - Do curves affect the signal?hlmark11-04-05  12:31 pm
Unknown peaks in spectraTom Lillhonga11 10-12-05  3:18 am
Single vs duplicate scans in PLSNiklas Warne10-05-05  4:30 am
Detection instrument for C2H2Cl2Rik van de Bovenkamp9-05-05  5:36 am
Approaches to developing and testing a NIRS modelhlmark8-26-05  6:44 am
Semiconductors: NIR ApplicationsChristina Timofeyenk8-02-05  1:59 pm
Substances which absorb between 1um and 3 um (2)Tony Davies7-28-05  8:51 am
SuspensionsNuno Matos7-28-05  3:56 am
Position of lampshlmark7-23-05  9:49 am
NIR transflectance probe and pressure related problemsMoon Sun13 3-29-06  3:32 am
Help needed on determination of a-helix, b-sheet and b-turn of pept...Heather Jones8-01-05  2:50 pm
Transflectance probehlmark6-23-05  9:48 am
Mahalanobis distance -anyone use a bruker MPA?Hoang Buu Quoc8-08-07  5:33 am
Help for a trainee, beginner in spectroscopy !Gordon6-22-05  7:00 am
Absorbing Materials between 1um and 3umhlmark7-29-05  8:40 am
IDRC-2006: the "Chambersburg" meetinghlmark5-26-05  5:14 am
Information neededdon5-15-05  11:12 am
Quantitative NIR, Degradation Products & DissolutionChris Hollick5-16-05  4:36 am
Using NIRS to predict Ethoxyquin in Fish MealYunan Helmi Nasution5-13-05  4:29 am
Mineral in animal feedmaria elena Vago11-03-05  8:12 am
Review of NIRS work on Brassica biochemical charecteristicsDeepak Prem5-02-05  3:32 pm
Review of NIRS work on Brassica biochemical charecteristicsDeepak Prem5-02-05  3:27 pm
Ceram referenceJonas Claeson4-22-05  6:33 am
Curve-fitting with FTIR programBruce H. Campbell4-17-05  4:32 pm
Curve-fitting with FTIR problemDon4-17-05  10:20 am
Pl give details on Lycopene estimationGORDON G GODWIN3-22-06  9:02 am
Chrome 6..............................................................jose usieto miralles3-21-05  8:06 am
Conformity model validationBruce H. Campbell3-21-05  12:38 pm
PowdersGabi Levin3-19-05  1:31 pm
Need help with band assignmentsni ho3-09-05  11:44 am
Qualitative CalibrationNoah2-25-05  2:43 am
NIR Calibration USP and Ph.Eur.Nuno Matos18 2-25-05  2:17 am
Intermediate qualification by NIRYangLiu14 2-23-05  10:37 am
Need help with NirDennis Karl2-16-05  1:36 pm
NIR for predicting slurry concentrationsMichael C Mound1-22-08  7:05 am
NIR spectroscopy for protein, fat, snf, added water and lactose in ...MPDC2-07-05  2:19 am
Is NIRS applicable for polymer molecules diffusion?hlmark1-28-05  10:28 am
Calibration standardsHoward Mark15 6-30-06  8:16 am
Straylight determinationEdward Stark1-20-05  8:38 pm
Near IR- dependence on base materialhlmark2-01-05  4:53 am
Reference of Insulin NIR neededhlmark1-11-05  9:06 pm
Color measurements using FTIR (FOSS) in grapesDaniel Cozzolino1-06-05  8:20 pm
DE detectionGabi Levin12-26-04  6:58 am
What are adultrants?venkatarman10-13-06  1:22 am
Filter againEric12-09-04  3:24 am
Filter againhlmark15 12-10-04  7:58 am
NIR for estimation of biochemical variables in brassica seed samplesDavid W. Hopkins12-09-04  10:15 am
Discriminant analysis & H score distributionsMark Westerhaus12-13-04  7:54 pm
NIR and Crystallisationhlmark11-17-04  7:26 pm
Data set of NIR measurementGabi Levin1-05-05  7:09 am
Information helpTony Davies10-12-04  4:44 am
Resolution and data intervalJane13 5-16-05  5:06 pm
References needed: Quantitative water determination in whole tabletsErik Skibsted10-04-04  4:43 am
Water content of organic solventshlmark8-23-04  8:34 am
A research on NIR spectroscopyMichel Coene8-19-04  3:31 am
Composition analysis of waste solventMichael Hodge8-12-04  3:02 am
Composition analysis of waste solventGabi Levin8-12-04  5:26 am
NIRSystems 4500 standardizationdafna barkan7-25-04  4:41 am
NIRSystems 4500 standardizationdafna barkan7-25-04  4:36 am
NIRSystems 4500 standardizationdafna barkan7-25-04  4:31 am
NIR 4500 standardizationdafna7-25-04  4:27 am
NIR 4500 standardizationdafna barkan7-25-04  4:23 am
NIR 4500 standardizationdafna barkan7-25-04  3:43 am
NIR 4500 standardizationdafna barkan7-25-04  3:38 am
Global H valueDavid Donald10-31-06  7:52 pm
Rent a NIR?Gabi Levin7-21-04  12:29 am
Quantitative determination of dissolved and non-dissolved proteinyonll6-21-04  1:42 pm
NIR on Slurry measurementSolomon Abebe15 6-15-04  3:57 am
Filter? detector? and more powerful lamps?hlmark5-27-04  10:13 pm
How to use NIRS tech to detect heavy metalsJ.M. Chang5-21-04  7:52 am
New absorption band appears in mixture spectrum of BuOH + AALois Weyer11 5-02-06  7:38 pm
Sulphur in gasolineMichel Coene5-04-04  2:45 am
Absorption coefficientLois Weyer4-30-04  10:25 am
Bruker S/NPhil James16 12-22-04  7:24 am
Measuring breaking strength/hardness of intact tabletsGabi Levin4-21-04  1:37 am
Using NIR to determine nutritional value of Black rhino dietPierre Dardenne4-19-04  5:38 am
Fiber Optic AccessoriesPiper4-13-04  7:18 am
RMS limit for a ProductJ. R. Cuesta4-12-04  9:43 am
Model for infrared absorption into three layershlmark3-22-04  9:22 am
Measuring low concentration protein in aquas solutionGabi Levin3-22-04  10:34 am
Heating polymers with NIRhlmark3-16-04  8:25 am
Laboratory ErrorSanette van der Merw3-16-04  1:04 am
Quantitative analysis on pharmaceutical solutionFrancesca Neri3-12-04  8:12 am
Beer's lawbolade3-08-04  11:04 am
LignineNIRman4-14-05  10:07 am
Interpretation of second derivative spectra Vitas Svedas2-29-04  9:06 am
Measurements on dough and glutenGabi Levin2-05-04  11:14 am
Quantitative NIR model for a pharmaceutical tablet with varying sizeErik1-30-04  8:52 am
Where shall I goCLAUDIA MARISOL BOLA1-28-04  10:14 am
NIR for filmcoating of tablets with troublesome coating components ...Gabi1-23-04  5:03 pm
Patulin in appleTony Davies1-19-04  4:58 am
Detection limit of NIRHoward Mark13 4-14-07  11:42 am
NIR Analysis - TutorialsTony Davies1-06-04  12:46 pm
Temperature of deep bloodhlmark1-05-04  4:33 pm
Penetration depth of NIRVitas Svedas12 12-10-03  3:58 am
Crystalline water and sugarsGabi Levin11-22-03  8:55 am
Portable NIRSAlan Green13 11-22-03  4:29 pm
Proximate fat and protein content in fish determination by nirEdward Stark10-15-03  6:25 pm
NIR assessmenet for amino acidsTheo van Kempen12-26-04  8:15 am
Detect limitation of NIRSmaria margarida teix11 1-19-07  6:06 am
Quantitative analysis of granular pharmaceutical productshlmark12 10-05-03  10:08 am
NIR ...... HPLC......?Gary8-08-03  7:49 am
Inorganic element prediction with NIRDr Neil J. Dominy7-10-03  4:02 am
Reference for using MLR with multicollinearity variablesSirinnapa Saranwong5-28-03  6:27 pm
How to identify adultrants in oils - Nir analysisTejaswath5-24-03  3:28 am
How to identify adultrants in oils - Nir analysisTejaswath5-24-03  3:15 am
How to identify adultrants in oils - Nir analysisTejaswath5-24-03  3:33 am
Help on measuring insulin and water in intact vialsGabi Levin5-21-03  7:30 am
Process AnalyticsGary19 6-28-03  9:15 am
Process AnalyticsLois Weyer5-17-03  6:59 pm
Applications For a NIR AdvancementDavid Fenton5-12-03  12:17 pm
Protein Solubility in Soybean MealW. Fred McClure4-30-03  9:00 am
Apparent water bands in dry acetonitrile:Dr.K.Balasubramanian23 3-25-09  5:55 pm
Spectral Analysis in ExcelTony Davies2-12-03  4:11 am
I'm looking for a formula for three filter types used in Perkin Elm...hlmark10-19-05  12:48 pm
Neuropathyhlmark2-04-03  4:20 am
Poor correlations for fat and fiber in grainsdavid2-22-06  3:45 am
Exact expression of Beer's LawDJDahm15 7-17-04  5:32 am
Isotacticity of PPGabi Levin11-22-02  6:11 am
Numerical model for spectrumW. Fred McClure11-05-02  1:22 pm
TVBN in NIRDavid W. Hopkins11-04-02  8:01 am
NIR coursesIan Michael1-13-03  5:53 am
NIR reflectance/transmittanceDavid W. Hopkins17 10-25-04  10:36 am
PA6 and PA 6.6Gavriel Levin6-21-06  7:37 pm
Continuous Analysis of LactoseLois Weyer1-18-05  5:23 pm
NIR for detection of formaldehyde in feedkekule6-20-02  2:20 pm
NIR applications in forensic scienceNIRman6-19-02  3:54 pm
Light sourcehlmark5-17-02  4:11 pm
NIR-transmission on water-soluble extracts from flaxIan Michael10 4-03-02  12:24 am
NIR for mineral saltsEric LALOUM3-15-02  2:29 am
Furnace Wallshlmark3-06-02  9:21 am
Counterfeiting -- detection with NIRTd12 2-16-02  2:03 pm
PCA analysishlmark12-12-01  4:13 am
Exploring useful bands of wavelengths for PLSDavid Russell12-18-01  7:48 am
NIR - heating hlmark11-28-01  7:16 pm
Sugar cane applicationChris Hopkins4-20-04  3:00 am
Seed identificationJohn Hill9-16-02  5:09 pm
Mycotoxins Russell Wilkie2-10-09  9:28 pm
NIR in pressure ulcer researchDavid Hopkins10-21-01  11:44 am
Frying oil deterioration Niklas10-10-01  11:09 am
Ceramic materialsTony Davies3-10-03  5:47 am
IDRC 2002 Howard Mark9-02-01  5:29 pm
Capsules analysisGabi Levin7-25-04  3:34 am
Absorption tableshlmark8-15-01  7:24 am
NIR imagingCristian Real2-08-02  7:03 am
Malt analysisvenkatarman2-10-09  4:52 am
Need help with band assignmentsClaire Laraman7-30-01  4:40 am
Free Fatty Acid content determination by using Nirsureshkumar8-01-01  7:20 am
NIR technology traininghlmark11-17-05  4:18 pm
Storage sample materialArt Springsteen7-23-01  3:04 pm
Dataset: Near-infrared reflectance of moistureAmy7-17-01  7:22 am
Dataset: Near-infrared reflectance of moistureAndreas Kurzmann7-02-01  5:51 am
Wavelengths contributing to the prediction.Bajaj6-27-01  2:23 pm
Near-infrared absorption of organic solventssteve choquette5-03-01  3:11 pm
Quantitative analysisDavid W. Hopkins22 8-04-04  9:24 am
Waste managementBruce H. Campbell4-18-01  7:38 pm
Fossil diesel spectrumjudith pink4-17-01  7:52 am
NIR heatingGabi Levin30 3-17-05  1:34 am
Modifications/Damage to ProteinsJonas Carlsson12-03-01  3:25 am
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Polar coordinate System (PQS)hlmark2-22-01  7:19 am
NIR Market Sizevenkatarman3-16-07  1:18 am
NIR qualitative model validationStanislav Nikolov 4-30-13  1:24 am
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