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The quality of the information published in our journals is of fundamental importance. We take and encourage this philosophy throughout the publishing process. We are fortunate to have the support of expert and experienced editors, referees, copy editors and in-house staff. Read what the authors are saying about us!

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Nowadays many libraries are dominated by packages of journals from a few huge publishing corporations. However, there are many other journals from smaller, specialist organisations that publish excellent high quality science. If you do not subscribe to these, it is easy to miss important published research. Make sure you get the complete picture and include IM Publications’ journals in your library's collection.

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IM Publications has always set fair prices for our journals. We appreciate the pressure on libraries’ and organisations’ budgets and continue to offer QUALITY SCIENCE AT A FAIR PRICE.

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All our periodicals are available in print, online and CD editions. Our subscriptions include access to the back file content published from the first volume while a current subscriber and perpetual online access to the back file material for the year(s) of the subscription. Online access is site-wide and allows any number of users at one geographical site to have access through an IP address(es). Access can be set up through username and password but this is for personal use only.

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