Open Access—Information for Authors

IM Publications’ Open Access scheme allows authors to choose to make their paper freely available at any time for a one-off fee of £1250. In addition to the final PDF being freely available on IM Publications’ website, after payment of the Open Access fee, authors can post the final PDF of their article on their personal or other website and add it to institutional or other repositories.

Whilst you can choose the Open Access option at any time after acceptance of your paper, please wait until your paper has been accepted for publication before contacting us about it. You will also be reminded of the Open Access option in the e-mail we will send you when your paper enters our production process.

Payment of the Open Access fee

We will issue an invoice to you or your institution, as you request. This can be paid by cheque, bank transfer or credit card. Payment information is on the back of the invoice.

The fee does not include VAT and this will be added where required by law.

Editing and production

A paper published under the Open Access option will receive the same careful copy editing and typesetting that IM Publications prides itself on.

In summary

Your Open Access paper:

  • will be published, as usual, in the printed journal (marked as an open access paper).
  • will be included in the online edition, but with full, free access.
  • The authors are granted the right to post a PDF of the final version on their websites.
  • The authors are granted the right to include the final PDF version of their paper in institutional and other repositories.

Subscription rates

Institutional subscription rates will be adjusted according to the percentage of fully paid open access papers published in the previous year. When IM Publications decide on the institutional subscription rates for their journals, they will look at the number of open access papers published in the previous calendar year in a particular journal and adjust the institutional subscription rate accordingly. If the number is greater than the previous year, the institutional subscription rate will be reduced relative to the annual increase; if the number is less, it will be increased relative to the annual increase.