NIR Products at Pittcon 2012

Smaller instrumentation was very much a key trend at Pittcon 2012. This was seen throughout the range of analytical techniques, with compact mass spectrometers, NMRs, ESRs, UV/vis, mid-IR as well as NIR spectrometers. Indeed, the first two instruments featured claim to be the world’s smallest NIR and FT-NIR, respectively.

JDSU introduced the MicroNIR spectrometer, in two versions: the standard (950–1650 nm) and extended (1150–2150 nm). It is based on a linear variable filter, which enables it to be made as small as it is. The main market will be for use as an OEM device for construction of handheld NIR spectrometers, but it does work out of the box: just connect it to a laptop or tablet with a USB cable and you can collect spectra.

The ARCspectro FT-NIR from ARCoptix is a compact fibre optic instrument with a spectral range of 900–2600 nm and resolution of 8 cm–1. It has a new self-compensated interferometer and internal solid state reference laser providing high optical throughput, stability and wavelength reproducibility. A 4 cm–1 resolution option is available if required.

Jasco were showing the MSV-5300 UV/vis/NIR microscope based on a double-beam scanning spectrophotometer capable of covering 200–2700 nm. There are three different versions: one for the UV/vis, one with a Peltier-cooled detector for the entire 200–2700 nm range and one with an InGaAs detector for measurements between 200 nm and 1700 nm. All models have a user-selectable slit width for variable resolution, as well as selectable circular apertures and an adjustable rectangular aperture for sample area discrimination.

Ocean Optics have been making miniature spectrometers for some years. The NIRQuest spectrometer is an existing product, but they have introduced a new version, the NIRQuest512-1.9, with a wavelength range of 1100–1900 nm. Optical resolution (FWHM) is >10,000 : 1 at 100 ms integration. The Vivo is a high-power NIR Light Source with four tungsten halogen bulbs that can be turned on or off individually. Active cooling reduces the risk of sample overheating. Wavelength coverage is 360–2000 nm.

Also on the Ocean Optics stand were NIR instruments from TecnoCientifica, including their latest online process NIR system, which comes in multi-parameter and multi-point systems. Remote supervision by internet or intranet is possible and maximum and minimum alarm levels can be set.

Another established manufacturer of miniature spectrometers is Avantes. The new Avabench-RS optical bench allows the slit and connector to be changed with just a screwdriver. The Avabench-RS is available on all Avantes UV/vis/NIR AvaSpec spectrometers.

Starna introduced an extension of their metal-on-quartz neutral density filters for the NIR produced under ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO Guide 34. This CRM is protected from oxidation, physical degradation and contamination by the use of a novel cover plate optically bonded to the surface providing extended lifetimes. Starna now also offer a range of solid state glass filters between 1% and 92% T in compliance with USP <1119> NIR protocols.

Thermo Scientific introduced a new version of the GRAMS spectroscopy software suite. V. 9.1 is supported on Windows 7, 32- and 64-bit; has simplified workflow and model deployment for visual chemometric modelling; the new GRAMS Convert offers bulk conversion of spectra between data formats; a new interactive import wizard for over 180 data types, including several new formats.

Bruker reported that their new Tango FT-NIR is finding acceptance among multi-national companies and that they have just received an order for 13 instruments from a large German animal feed manufacturer to equip their QC labs.