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JNIRS Special Issue from Chinese Scientists

China was predicted to overtake the USA some time after 2013 in terms of scientific publications (as reported in The Guardian in 2011). The Chinese NIR community is very active. In the last few years readers of JNIRS—Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy will have noted the increasing interest in NIR spectroscopy by the number of publications on NIR spectroscopy by Chinese scientists.

As stated in The Guardian report “Science has a very important role in addressing global challenges and collaboration is necessary so that everybody can agree on global solutions. The more countries are involved in science, the more innovations we will have and the better off we will be”.

In order to help enhance the flow of knowledge, to inform western scientists of the extent of the interest in NIR spectroscopy, and to promote dialogue and collaboration between Chinese and western NIR spectroscopists we have initiated a special issue of JNIRS which will be devoted to papers from Chinese scientists.

At this time 12 papers have already been submitted from Chinese scientists for peer review on a range of topics including:

  • commercial pesticide formulation
  • soluble solid content of three fruit species
  • modelling samples with different physical states
  • minerals in powdered milk
  • analysis of cellulose pulp for viscose rayon
  • nutrients in corn syrup
  • monitoring Lactococcus fermentations
  • quality control of a precious traditional Chinese medicine
  • calibration transfer