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Information for Librarians

IM Publications knows that librarians are at the forefront of decision making with regard to journal management and dissemination of information to the end user. We would like to make it easier for you to provide information about our journals to your end users, so that they can get the most out of their subscription. We have provided links below to further information on our journals, books we publish and our involvement in the ALPSP Learned Journal Collection. We have also provided a link to a librarians resource centre which hopefully answers any further questions that you might have. If you need to contact us, then please use the contact us link in the top right of your screen.

Journals we publish

and three free publications:

*Published jointly with John Wiley & Sons Ltd

Resources for Librarians


As well as our own book programme, we have collected together the leading books from other publishers in our own specialities: Mass Spectrometry and Near Infrared Spectroscopy. You are welcome to order books through our online bookshop or through your usual supplier.


EJMS—European Journal of Mass Spectrometry and JNIRS—Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy are part of the ALPSP Learned Journal Collection (ALJC) marketed on behalf of the publishers involved by Swets. We are delighted to receive enquiries from consortia interested in our journals only. Please contact our subscriptions department: