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Our specialist publications make excellent vehicles for highly targeted advertising at reasonable cost. We offer the usual display advertising along with online opportunities to place banner ads or making use of our  "Scan" Alerting Service e-newsletters which reaches thousands of specialists in the spectroscopy community. View our media packs below for further information.

Media Packs

Our general Media Pack is available in PDF formats or as a flipbook for easy viewing online.

IM Publications Media Information 2014

Spectroscopy Europe and Spectroscopy Asia (UK and Ireland clients) (2.8 MB)

IM Publications co-publishes these leading magazines with John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Both are the premier vehicles for reaching scientists specialising in spectroscopy in Europe and the Asia–Pacific region. IM Publications is responsible for sales to customers in the UK and Ireland; all other sales are handled by John Wiley & Sons Ltd. For more information, see


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