Copyright and Permissions

Copyright Transfer and Publishing Agreement

IM Publications wants to ensure that it has the exclusive distribution rights for all media to ensure that your article can be made available as widely as possible. Copyright transfer eliminates any ambiguity or uncertainty about our ability to distribute, sub-license and protect the article from unauthorised copying or alteration. We therefore ask authors to assign copyright to IM Publications by signing a Copyright Transfer and Publishing Agreement. This can be found at the back the Instructions for Authors, and is available from an Editor or from IM Publications. This should be signed by ALL authors and sent to the Publisher with the manuscript. A paper cannot be published without a signed agreement. Employees of Governments that do not transfer copyright should contact us for the approriate form.


If you are reproducing figures, tables or other material from previously published work or otherwise need to obtain permission to use copyrighted material, you must apply for and obtain permission before submitting your paper. You should ensure that the required permission wording is included in your manuscript.

Many journals offer the ability to request permission online and this may be the quickest and easiest for you; please check the journal's web page for any links to this facility. You can also try using the service offered at Alternatively, you can use the form below:

Obtaining Permission from IM Publications

If you wish to request permission from IM Publications to reproduce our copyrighted material, please address your request to:

Katie Michael
IM Publications LLP
6 Charlton Mill
West Sussex PO18 0HY

Fax: +44-1243-811711
E-mail: [email protected]

Posting/Use of PDFs

Authors are welcome to make use of the PDFs within their own institutions, but we cannot allow their posting on any publicly available website or repository. Authors needing to make their work publicly available should request Open Access publishing.

This extends to repositories and deposits requested by funding bodies. You are not permitted to make available any version of your paper on a publicly accessible site. We are happy to offer a reasonably priced Open Access publishing option for those authors/funders/employers who require public access.