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Information for Authors

At IM Publications we value our partnership with our authors and try to make the process of publishing with us as easy, quick and pleasant as possible.

Our journals have highly respected teams of editors and editorial board members who ensure that the papers published are of the highest quality. Each journal is peer reviewed and independently edited by acknowledged experts in the field.

Our in-house production means that you are always treated as an individual. We take great care to present your work in the best light through careful copy editing, accurate typesetting and attractive and up-to-date design throughout our journals. See what authors are saying about us.

All authors benefit from:


Submit Your Paper Online

We have encourage all authors to use our online manuscript submission, tracking and refereeing systems to ensure their paper is published as quickly as posisble. Please choose the journal you wish to submit to and follow the links below.

Preparing Your Manuscript

Please follow our guidelines to ensure papers are published as quickly and easily as possible.

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Submitting Your Manuscript

For information on how to submit a manuscript please go to your individual journal page as the procedures are different for each journal.

Please also see our checklist for submitting your manuscript.

The Production Process

Once your paper has been accepted, it enters our production process, during which we take great care to ensure your work is presented in the best light.

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Copyright and Permissions

Please check our policy on copyright and ensure that you have obtained the necessary permissions for any material you are reproducing.

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Open Access

An increasing number of funding bodies are requiring grantees to make their papers freely available. IM Publications is pleased to support this “open access” publishing and all authors have the choice of publishing their paper as an open access paper for a one-off payment of £1250.

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IM Publications offers a system of free e-reprints; printed reprints are available for a charge. Please ensure you understand what you may and may not do with the PDF version of your paper.

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If you are interested in publishing a book with IM Publications, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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Publish in our Journals

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